Shehnaaz Gill refers herself as Bigg Boss heroine while for her hero was Sidharth Shukla

written by Kirti Pathak | October 18, 2021

'Honsla Rakh', starring Shehnaaz Gill, Diljit Dosanjh, and Sonam Bajwa, has received a huge reception from audiences. In an interview for the film, Shehnaaz hinted to Sidharth Shukla for the first time after his death.

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Shehnaaz Gill has shown a lot of heart and commitment in promoting her film, Honsla Rakh, weeks after Sidharth Shukla's untimely death. The Bigg Boss 13 alums were close and dating, according to reports. Sidharth's untimely death at the age of 40 stunned his followers and destroyed Shehnaaz, according to many of their friends.

Shehnaaz sat down with her co-stars Sonam Bajwa and Diljit Dosanjh for an interview for Honsla Rakh, where she flashed her old energy. The three actors were invited to discuss each other's flaws in an interview. Shehnaaz opted to answer the question while Diljit and Sonam sought to avoid it.

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"He has a wonderful demeanor," Shehnaaz remarked of Diljit. "I thought it would be fun to work with him. He is, however, reserved and professional. At first, he refuses to let you inside his personal space. I advised him to develop that comfort zone with me the next time we collaborated. We don't speak and are immediately on camera, which makes it difficult for me. It becomes easier if you speak first."

Sonam, she added, has her filters in place and is a little reserved. Sonam acknowledged that she takes time to open up to others and claimed that this is a talent that only a few people possess, pointing to Shehnaaz as an example. Shehnaaz referred to Diljit's joke that he felt like he was in Bigg Boss as "the actual exam."

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"This is why I was the queen, the Bigg Boss 13 heroine," Shehnaaz remarked, smiling. "I was the heroine of Bigg Boss, hero was someone else," Shehnaaz remarked when Sonam named her the hero.

Shehnaaz and Sidharth Shukla were the Bigg Boss 13 golden pair. Both were finalists, and Sidharth went on to win the competition. Their tight friendship extended outside the house, and they were frequently seen together, both personally and professionally.

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