Ammy Virk, Himanshi Khurana Among Others Slam Kangana Ranaut

written by Diksha Kapoor | December 01, 2020

Punjabi stars that are actively using social media to support the farmers of the nation and enlighten their fans about the plight of the farmers are slamming Kangana Ranaut for her comment on the farmers’ protest. It seems like her tweet has not gone down well with several Punjabi stars and the actors were quick to express their opinion. Kangana Ranaut tweeted - “Shame..... in the name of farmers har koi apni rotiyaan sek raha hai, hopefully government won’t allow anti national elements to take advantage and create another Shaheen Baag riots for blood thirsty vultures and tukde gang...” Replying to it, Ammy Virk wrote - “Lakh di laahnat bhain ji tuhade te... ainni v polish ni maari di kise de.lokan ton vadd k kuch ni hunda, tuc saade burjurgaan baare bole o... tuhadi ikk adhi kandh todi c bombay aaleya ne te tuc duniya ser te chakkli c,,, te saade haqqq khoye aaa sarkar ne.” Himanshi Khurana also replied to the tweet and wrote - “According to you government se security mang lo par haq nahi hmmm” ALSO READ: RAHUL ROY’S RIGHT SIDE AFFECTED AFTER BRAIN STROKE
Sargun Mehta also wrote - "Jaise aapko apni baat kehna ka haqq hai inhein bhi hai. Bass farak yeh hai ki aap bina baat aur maksad ke bolti hain aur yeh apne haqq ke liye ladd rahein hain" The farmers are protesting against the new Farm Bills passed by the government. They have started a nationwide movement as according to them the Bills are not in their favor.


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