Are you still single this Valentine’s? Here’s how you can celebrate Valentine’s day alone

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  February 13th 2023 04:39 PM  |  Updated: February 13th 2023 04:39 PM

Are you still single this Valentine’s? Here’s how you can celebrate Valentine’s day alone

Single on Valentine's day: It is almost Valentine's day and ahead of D-Day, if you are worried about celebrating it all alone then we are here to tell you about exciting things you can do all alone.

Well, being single is not the end of the world right? At least you can be in your own space and enjoy your privacy. Sounds peaceful!

However, people would call you crazy that you can enjoy your own company, but trust us, it is all worth it. So, in case you are worried to spend Valentine's day alone, we have created a list you can do and also enjoy to the fullest.

PASSION - Get yourself a passion that makes you “you”. The drive pill will keep you distracted and satisfied at the same time. Painting can be a passion, writing can be your another one! Some might prefer traveling over anything. It is understandable to feel low and not loved on a special day as such. But however low u might feel, a driving passion is capable of shutting down the storm inside.

MAKE YOURSELF FEEL SPECIAL – You are worthy of validation, care, and love. So why wait for somebody else’s add-ons when you are capable of everything alone? Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers, buy some roses, go to a café, read a novel, have a cup of coffee, and feel your appetite like you own it. Sit back and romanticize the good life brought you and manifest a better tomorrow. A no-cost self-therapy needs none but only you.

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FRIENDS – Hanging out with your gang is the foremost way if you are single. Cracking some jokes, meeting at your “Adda” (spot), and having a cup of Chai never goes underrated.

BINGE WATCHING -  Imagine it's raining outside, stormy and romantic and you decide to spend your day watching your favorite movie or a show. You have a big bowl of popcorn, a hot bowl of maggie, and some coffee beside you. What on this earth is better than that?

Written by Durtiman Sonowal

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