Valentines’ Day 2023: ‘Date’ ideas you must try to express your love for the special person

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  February 12th 2023 10:00 AM  |  Updated: February 11th 2023 07:19 PM

Valentines’ Day 2023: ‘Date’ ideas you must try to express your love for the special person

The day of love is just ahead of us and we can’t already wait for the day to arrive. The lovers, you and me all are waiting for the extra special ways to win over the special one. So here are a few “not-so-common” date ideas you should try to showcase your feelings in a more infatuated way:

Write each other letters – What can be sweeter than love letters? The most classic way to impress anyone. It might be not everyone’s cup of tea, but not everybody is worth letters either. You must try and have this feeling of writing a love letter once in a lifetime. True words embroidered from feelings feel more like poetry and art every time.

A long drive in the countryside – Having your lover beside you, in the passenger seat is a wonderful feeling. Having a weekend getaway with your lover to the noir countryside is one of the most beautiful scenes one can ever behold.

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Painting - The way of the artists! Not really, paintings and color define perspective and individuality. Creating canvases that could draw out your creativity in your own sense is one of the most Gen-z ways of expressing love and having some quality time.

Cooking together – Another very old way but Gen-z recognised way of love is cooking together. A meal made by lovers, love is its essence. What can taste better? It is a rare moment to have quality time in the kitchen every day, but Valentine's day can be your perfect cooking date ever. So are you all set to cook and bake?

Trekking – The way for adventure seekers. Going for a short trek at your convenience and watching a sunset from the top of a mountain. there’s all the romance you need to have the most therapeutic Valentine's Day evening. Trekking seems lethargic sometimes, but worth all the sweat and hardship. Your love deserves hardship with a happy ending, trekking is one of them!

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Written by Durtiman Sonowal

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