List of luxury perfumes you can give your beloved this valentine

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List of luxury perfumes you can give your beloved this valentine

Who doesn’t want to smell good? This valentine's week has numerous options for gifting something special to your special one. Scents and perfumes are an absolute choice among many. The Market is almost full of a variety of perfumes from varying a few hundred to thousands of rupees. And of course, to gift someone special, you need to raise your budget too. Not very necessary but here’s a list of luxury perfumes for him and her to smell heavenly:

Miss Dior eau de parfum

One of the most luxurious perfumes available on the high-end market. Dior named it “Miss Dior Eau de Parfum”, a collection of bouquet, striking with a garden feels. Centifolia rose with its honey and peppery essence gives all flower periphery vibes who wear it. Fresh like a flower plucked from a garden and luxury more than you think.

Versace men’s pour Homme:

The scent equipped with Mediterranean essence, and fresh, masculine vibes make it a perfect gift for him. The fresh mineral floral oceanic vibes are the heart of Versace’s perfume catalog. Diamante Citrus, Bitter Orange Leaves, Neroli Flowers, Clary sage, and Blue Hyacinth are the main ingredients of the product.

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Dior Sauvage Eau Spray:

Inspired by the nature, Dior introduced a scent with an earthy and woody feel with its sensual masculine touch is another perfume for your special ‘boy’. Warm notes of its ingredients like Bergamot, pepper, and Amberwood take you on a ride of something very close to the earth.

Le Labo Another 13:

A 2010-made perfume is an extra special fragrance by Le Labo. The top notes of this perfume are pear, apple, and citruses, moss and jasmines are its middle notes and the base note consists of Helvetolide, Ambrittolide, Iso E Super, and cetalox. Its musky and fresh notes will surely touch the soul of your lover.

Coco Mademoiselle:

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel is an oriental base of jasmine. The intense yet subtle orange notes perfume is one of the bestselling perfumes by the luxury powerhouse. The smell of femininity can be better described by none, but Chanel itself. Give your girl one of the Chanel perfumes to win her over.

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Written by Durtiman Sonowal

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