Arjun Kapoor keeps it real when it comes down to his relationship with step sister Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor

written by Kirti Pathak | January 04, 2022

Arjun Kapoor has been always vocal about his relations with others. Be it his love relationship with Malaika Arora or his relation with stepsisters and father. The actor has always liked to keep it clear and straight and not complicated as what other people think.

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He recently came out and spoke about his equation with sisters Janhvi and Khushi and the mutual respect from both sides. Talking more about his relationship he said that he is never interested in ‘interfere’ in the lives of his sisters apart from his humorous jokes.

Arjun Kapoor is a fun person and likes to joke with his sisters but also restricts himself from interfering in their lives. Though the actor is always involved in personal matters discussions with his sisters he doesn’t enter their private lives.

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Arjun spoke in his recent interview that he would never like to create a ‘Fake perception’ in the minds of people about his relationship with step sisters but would speak about it in a real way. According to him he will speak about the relationship just the way it is and add any fakeness in it.

He said, “The good part is that they respect me and I respect them. I do tend to bully in the sense that I do tend to troll them from time to time because I have a snarky sense of humour and I do tend to crack a few extra jokes.” He continued, “About advice, we don’t live together now so we’re not discussing everything on a day-to-day basis. I hate creating this fake perception that we have are one happy family living under the roof and discussing everything. We have discussed many things, and we continue to do that. But it’s still a very intimate space for us to come out so openly and speak about. I am somebody who believes in letting people do what they choose to do. I don’t interfere. But yes, if one of them comes to me to talk about something, I’m always there to give my two cents on my experience.”

From Boney Kapoor’s first marriage with his wife Mona, he has two kids Arjun and Anshula. From the producer’s second marriage with Late actor Sri Devi, he has two girls Janhvi and Khushi. In 2018, when Sridevi passed away, Boney Kapoor’s four kids rebonded and became part of the WhatsApp group ‘Dad’s Kids’.

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Post the death of Sridevi, Arjun’s bond with his father gradually improved and he feels Janhvi and Khushi acted as the catalyst in the process.

He said, “We have all confronted many of our demons. It has to do with letting go, which is very cathartic... it is strangely therapeutic to just sit around and talk rubbish, and realize that you were holding onto things, unknowingly or knowingly, because you were supposed to. But I love my father more because of both of them. It is complex. I have been able to see my father in a different light. If I didn’t share this equation with Janhvi and Khushi, I would have resented many things and never felt the need to reconnect with him at this level.”

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