'Attachment hurts but love is pure', says Shehnaaz Gill at Brahma Kumaris event at Delhi

written by Ritika Nath | May 09, 2022

Shehnaaz Gill at Brahma Kumaris Event: Shehnaaz Gill, who rose to fame after winning Bigg Boss 13, recently was a part of the Brahma Kumaris' Empowerment of Girl Child campaign launch in Delhi. Shehnaaz, a campaign ambassador, emphasized girl empowerment, gender equality, and the difference between true love and attachment.

Shehnaaz astonished all with her direct approach to life. The actress became teary while speaking to the audience about love, attachments, and relationships. The video has gone popular on social media.

Her emotional statement about wanting to make a change in society, her viewpoint on being a girl, and what love means to her is routinely shared by fans. On the stage, she was also seen dancing with other Brahma Kumaris.

"Attachment hurts but love is pure," she says in one of the videos. When you love somebody, you don't cry. Whatever bonds you have with your sibling, husband, or other family members are only momentary”.

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When discussing gender equality, the actress-model stated, "Stop making girls feel inferior. I'm also a female. It is not proper for brothers to walk ahead of their sisters. If the brother agrees to travel, the sister will as well. Girls should not be terrified. Boys and girls should be treated equally. If we all believe we are souls, no one can harm us. If we think in this way, competition, comparison, and dishonesty will fade away."

The Honsla Rakh actor also expresed her views on body positivity to those who are frequently influenced by others' perceptions about their appearance. "God has created you in the way he sees fit, therefore we should never be ashamed of our appearance." Shehnaaz concluded by her wors bh n a contemplative note, "Bas ghabrana nahi hai."

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