Bigg Boss 15: In Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan blasts Pratik Sehajpal for Vidhi Pandya's bathroom incident

written by Ritika Nath | October 09, 2021

Bigg Boss 15 has been raising a lot of buzz since its beginnings, thanks to its host, Salman Khan. The controversial reality show is packed with drama and entertainment. Pratik Sehajpal is currently one of the show's most popular contestants. His fight with co-contestant Jay Bhanushali recently made headlines.

In the sneak peak for the next episode, he is seen breaking the lock of the garden area's washroom door while Vidhi Pandya was taking a bath inside.

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She later confronts Pratik about it in the garden. "Why would you do this while someone is taking a bath?" she questions. Tejasswi Prakash informs him that, while his intentions were good, doing something like this is not acceptable. "It's a scary feeling as a girl," she says.

Pratik, in his defence, claims that he doesn't care if there is someone inside the restroom or not. Karan Kundrra, who was also present at the time, advises him not to do such a thing with a girl.

Viewers of the controversial reality show Bigg Boss have been waiting for  Salman Khan to host the first Weekend Ka Vaar, and he appeared quite annoyed with the contestant. In the promo for the first weekend ka vaar episode, host Salman Khan chastised Pratik Sehajpal for the Vidhi Pandya incident.

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He told Pratik that he was looking like a fool, and that if Vidhi had wanted to, she could have ruined his image. He then asks Pratik if he would have objected to someone tampering with the washroom door latch if his mother-sister was present.


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He doesn't stop there; he tells Pratik that if it was his sister and something like this happened to her, he would thoroughly screwed him.  The promo has already made the rounds, and fans are debating the first weekend ka vaar.



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