Shark Tank India's fame Anupam Mittal talks about fame, expresses his trajectory of life after the reality show

Written by  Durtimans   |  February 19th 2024 04:50 PM  |  Updated: February 19th 2024 04:50 PM

Shark Tank India's fame Anupam Mittal talks about fame, expresses his trajectory of life after the reality show

Looking at the Indian's television's curent trajectory, it ain't be wrong to say that Shark Tank has taken over all the other telivision reality shows with greatest craze seen among the audience in the long histopry of Indian television shows and we all know how. The first season gave an intense curiosity among the viewers about the realm of business, investments, sacrifices and unimaginable losses and had it's work done as a seed that bloomed as a whole different enthralling craze now. The year 2024 has bought it's third season and all we can see, people talking about pitches, it's investing sharks and the cool business ideas. Apart from being a whole new genre of telivision, Shark Tank have also introduced some of the unseen names of the Indian business realm as it's infamous sharks and gave them their deserving fame, respect and a very-much-needed introduction.

Anupam Mittal's overnight fame through Shark Tank India 

Recently, Anupam Mittal, CEO of, who has been long associated with Shark Tank India ever since the beginning has expressed his changed trajectory of life since Shark India happened. Earning immense fame and recognition through the intriguing show, Anupam Mittal has finally opened up about the changes it has bought him along with. During the talking session, Mittal was asked on how does it feel to have such a star studded popularity all of a sudden to which he said 'popularity comes with immense perks'. According to him, although he feels like a superstar sometime, it doesn't feel like Shah Rukh Khan.

Anupam Mittal's shares his feelings on being famous

While continuing his feelings on being famous, he told it is a great privilege to have some. "The celebrityhood, the stardom, the name, it has affected my life hugely. It is not like I can’t walk on the streets, Shah Rukh Khan thodi na hun. But some places get more crowded than others. Airports and all are a big mess. If you go to an event, it becomes tough, it becomes very crowded," he continued. Furthermore he even added one of his first one of a kind moment when he was snapped by a fan for the first time. According to him, the moment was surprising. "People also just catch you. This incident happened last year. I was crossing the road and there was a guy on his bike. He slowed down his bike and just grabbed my hand. I was like, 'Boss what are you doing?' and he told me, 'Sir photo leni hai!' I said, 'Jaan thodi lega!' So that happens, when you go out people do recognise thinking that you are out of reach– that is, they don’t expect to see you. A lot of people will look twice but walk away thinking, 'nahi ho sakta,'" he crocheted his feelings of newness.

No matter his fame was overnight, intense and very new, amid all he loves it, as he continued saying, "I love it. I embrace it. I don’t have to stand in queues anymore, what can be better than that? You don’t need restaurant reservations. So there are perks. A lot of people become famous and start complaining about lack of privacy. I find it very amusing." 


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