Vikrant Massey speaks about fatherhood and challenges the baby has bought into his and Sheetal's life!

Written by  Durtimans   |  March 19th 2024 02:06 PM  |  Updated: March 19th 2024 02:06 PM

Vikrant Massey speaks about fatherhood and challenges the baby has bought into his and Sheetal's life!

Vikrant Massey is one of the most caliber worthy actor of the newest Bollywood who is currently riding high on his marvelous acclamation received for his 2023 biopic drama '12th Fail'. But apart from his laddering success, the star is also basking his joyhood of a father who has welcomed his first baby boy, Vardaan in February 2024. Infact, the star along with his wife, Sheetal Thakur has announced their parenthood and embraced the new journey of their life. Recently, during an interview Massey has spoken about the newness of his life and openly talked about his ideologies of fatherhood, including the joyous challenges their young starlet has bought into the couple's life. 

Vikrant Massey talks about fatherhood

During a recent interview, the 12th Fail star has basked the immense amount of changes his fatherhood has eventually bought into his life, although it's been just a month of Vardaan's birth. During the chit-chat, he also referred his acing prowess of making the baby burp, "I am good enough to make my baby burp, changing diapers. Though I don't do it that often, my wife is kind of upset about it. But getting my baby boy to burp is my job and I think I am decently good at that," he stated. Procceding further, he exprssed his greatfulness of being a father and said, "It is outstanding, it is a life that I always dreamed of but I really cannot put it into words. Because it is much more than what I always thought it would be."

Vikrant Massey's Work Front

Speaking of his workfront, Vikrant Massey was last seen in vidhu Vinod Chopra's biopic drama '12th Fail' which has garnered him immense fame and respect within the Indian fanatics. Apart from that, the actor is currently gearing up for a collaboration with Rajkumar Hirani in an upcoming project, which will be a cyber crime drama, as revealed by the sources. Lately it has been claimed that the upcoming collaboration marks one of Vikrant's most prolific project that will signal his cinematic prowess through the enigmatic intricacies of the digital world.


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