Delicious tricolour dishes to try this Republic day

written by Shimona Sharma | January 25, 2023 03:00pm

Republic Day: Indian Republic Day which is celebrated on January 26 and commemorates the adoption of the Constitution of India. The day is celebrated with great eagerness and patriotism. There are several ways to celebrate the occasion and one of them is to include the colours of the Indian flag in our meals.

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Tricolour recipes are a creative way of celebrating the occasion. There is an opportunity to show one's cooking skills and rather make it more festive. From tasty dishes to desserts, there are many dishes which can be prepared in the tricolour format.

Moving on, there is a list of dishes which can be prepared in no time. It's just the creativity which is required to make it happen.

1)Tricolour Idli

The ingredients required for the dish include Rice, Washed Urad Dal, salt, carrot puree and boiled spinach puree. The method for the preparation is to soak rice and dal for two hours and then grind it. The next step is to keep the fermentation for 12 hours at room temperature and divide the batter into three parts. Then mix the carrot and spinach puree in two parts separately to make tricolour idli. Further, place the saffron batter in a round mould followed by white and then green at the end. Then, it can be served with tomato dip, coconut dip, and green coriander dip as well.

2) Tricolour fruit sundae

The ingredients required for the dish include Kiwi fruit, orange fruit, Banana and fruit cream. The method of preparing the dish is to add chopped Kiwi first. Then put the chopped banana mixed with fruit cream .you can also use yoghurt instead of fruit cream for the layering. In the end, garnish the sundae with dry fruits.

3) Tricolour Biryani

The ingredients required for the dish include cooked rice, Saffron food colour, curd, coriander and roasted cumin. The method for the preparation is to divide the cooked rice into three parts. Then add saffron food colour to the first part and place it in the dish. The next step is to prepare coriander dip and then drain the water and mix it well. In the end, it can be garnished with roasted cumin.

4) Tricolour sandwich

The ingredients required are four bread slices with one and a  half grated cabbage, grated carrot, 1 cup mayonnaise, two tablespoons of schezwan sauce, 2 tablespoon mint chutney and salt. The method of preparing the dish is to add cabbage, carrot and mayonnaise and salt. Then divide the mixture into three separate mixing bowls.

Then take bread slices and apply butter on every piece. Then spread the plain mixture on the bread slice. After that place another bread slice on this and spread the schezwan mixture on it. In the end, cover the bread slices and gently cut them into pieces and serve.

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