Exclusive Interview: “Happy Connecting with Punjabi Roots” says Vikramjeet Virk

written by Ritika Nath | September 29, 2021

Exclusive: “Happy Connecting with Punjabi Roots” says Vikramjit Virk

Having worked extensively in south Indian cinema and TV serials, Vikramjeet Virk is happy to come close to his Punjabi roots has made his mark in the Punjabi cinema, too, with Gippy Grewal-starrer 'Ik Sandhu Hunda Si'.

Vikramjeet Virk has been in the entertainment industry for about a decade, and his works are testimony to the fact that he is one of the most promising actors.

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Currently residing in Mumbai, Virk originally hails from a small hamlet namely Tharwa Majra in Haryana’s Karnal.

In an exclusive interview with PTC PUNJABI, the actor recalled his experience in the industry. Virk talked about how he first got his gig in Pollywood after working in South Indian movies for several years. He also talked about his working experience with the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput and Jacqueline Fernandez in Bollywood flick ‘Drive’.

 From modeling to acting

Vikramjeet Virk started his career in modeling at the age of 17. And he got the first opportunity on his birthday, when he became a part of Lakme India Fashion Week.

The turning point

Though he was a part of the modeling industry, it never clicked to him to become an actor initially. Recalling that turning point in his life, Vikramjeet Virk said once one of his friends Malkeet Rauni took him along for auditions where he met director Ashutosh Gowariker.

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Working in Chinese film-Buddies In India

The actor was fortunate enough because Chinese actor-director Wang Baoqiang was looking for an Indian character to play the Bull King, a revered figure in Chinese mythology. Vikramjeet's appearance was ideal for the role, which led to his first international film. The actor also stated that it was an incredible experience for him to work with such a wonderful crew, who will always have a special place in his heart.

Bollywood debut as second lead in ‘Drive’

After a few years of working in South Indian films, Vikramjeet Virk was still looking for the best role for himself in Bollywood. However, 'Drive,' in which he co-starred with late Sushant Singh Rajput and Jacqueline Fernandez, was the film that changed his life.

He also quoted, “You working on something for a long time; and finally you get it. Drive was a satisfaction for me as you always keep growing and it was a step ahead for me.”

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Memorable moments during ‘Drive’ shooting

“Working with such a wonderful team of ‘Drive' was one of the fondest memories I could ever have,” Vikramjeet said. It was a pleasure to work alongside such lovely co-stars as Sushant Singh Rajput, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Sapna Pabbi.

“The best time I had on 'Drive' was when we were filming the movie's song 'Makhna.' We had a 6-day shoot in Israel, and it was the first time in the history that an Indian film had been shot there. And I made the most of every moment I had while filming 'Drive' over the course of six days. We had so much fun acting as if we were best friends who had known each other our entire lives. We also did a lot of Bhangra and had a great time both on and off the set” said the Drive actor.

 Returning to Punjabi roots with Ik Sandhu Hunda Si

Mainu lagda sab kuch automatic hunda jithe daani paani likha hunda bande di kismat othe ape lai jandi aa” says Vikramjeet while talking about his entry in Punjabi industry. “I got a great benefit while working in South Indian movies which has benefited me as an actor very much.” Sometimes dates didn’t match sometimes the characters didn’t fit for me. Somehow, when the director Rakesh Mehta of Ik Sandhu Hunda Si contacted me everything fell in place and I got selected for the role Kala in the movie.

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Experience in Punjabi movies

“In terms of the Punjabi industry, I am most at ease and felt relaxed there because I am fluent in the language and can express emotion more effectively. “Aura of working in Punjabi industry was great as I was much comfortable with the language and the people around me” Vikramjit Virk said.

Future plans

In terms of the future roles I would like to play in Punjabi films, it would be a blessing in disguise if I am offered to play historical heroes from Punjab. I truly admire what they have taught us and what we have learned from books about our heroes, and I hope to play such characters in the near future.


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