Following two brothers' reunion post partition 1947, a fresh video of mother and daughter meeting at Kartarpur Sahib has gone viral

written by Ritika Nath | January 17, 2022

The whole nation was overwhelmed to witness two brothers who got separated in the Partition 1947, met after 74 years at Kartarputr Sahib, Pakistan.

As soon as the video was shared by a person named Manpreet Singh, the video hit the internet like a wildfire and amassed a huge audience. Now, a similar video is being surfaced on the internet in which a mother-daughter duo can be seen reuniting after they got separated in 1947 when Partition took place.

The video was recently also shared by Punjabi singer and actress Nimrat Khaira. While sharing the video she revealed that the video is from the time when Kartarpur Sahib corridors were opened so that people living in India can make a visit to the Holy place.

Image Source: Instagram

"Katarpur Sahib, Punjab, Pakistan. Mother (97 years old and living in Pakistan) meets her daughter (77 years old and living in India) after the 1947 Partition of Punjab & India in 2020 at Katarpur Sahib.

This was around the time the corridor opened between Punjab on India side and Punjab on Pakistan side so that Sikhs could finally visit the home of Guru Nanak Dev Ji once again, which wasn’t possible post" quoted Nimrat Khaira along with the video.

In the video, both the elderly women can be seen hugging and getting emotional as they meet after a long span of time. The video has been receiving much love from the netizens.

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As soon as the video went viral, one user wrote, "We should be absolutely grateful to those on both sides of the border who made this possible! ♥️"

Whereas another penned, "So painful to just watch. Can't imagine all the emotions they're going through."

Talking about the previous video of the two brothers- Both are recognized as Mohammad Siddique and Habib respectively.

Image Source: Instagram

Mohammad Siddique reportedly remained in Pakistan at the time of partition, he resides in Faisalabad, according to reports. Habib relocated to Phullanwal, Punjab.


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