Hardeep Grewal shares incredible transformation photos from his debut film 'Tunka Tunka'!

written by Ritika Nath | July 02, 2021

Hardeep Grewal is known for his inspirational and motivating songs since very song. His songs are usually a terrific pick-me-up and are ideal for a workout playlist.

Besides, singing the motivational song, Hardeep Grewal lived his songs and the proof to this is his debut movie ‘Tunka Tunka’. The teaser had left everyone absolutely befuddled and spellbound.

Image Source: Instagram

Ever since the announcement has been made Hardeep Grewal is sharing pictures of his major physical transformation for which you have to blink twice or thrice to believe your eyes. In his recent Instagram post, he showcased the incredible transformation he had to undergo to get into the nerves of his roles.

Hardeep had shed a significant amount of weight and shaved off all of his facial hair in preparation for this movie. But, he worked hard enough to get back into shape in just a few months. He not only got back into shape, but his physique appeared even better and more ripped this time.

Image Source: Instagram

The post's title is self-explanatory which read as, "Journey is never easy for a special destination, mine wasn’t too. But that’s what we call life. Be ready to experience the next level of this journey on 16th july in cinema’s with me." Hardeep's road was not easy, but that is what life is all about. Life is a path filled with insurmountable challenges, but greatness awaits those who face and overcome them, and Hardeep Grewal is undoubtedly one of them.

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Image Source: Instagram

We are waiting impatiently for Hardeep Grewal's outstanding performance in the film since Hardeep has shared the poster, and the wait will finally be over on July 16th. The film is being distributed by PTC Globe Moviez.

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