Jasmine Sandlas is melting hearts with her soulful melody 'Royi Na' from her album 'The Great Punjabi Experiment'!

written by Ritika Nath | May 13, 2021 04:08pm

Jasmine Sandlas has always proved her versatility with her perfect vocals. A few days back, Jasmine announced the third song ‘Royi Na’ from her album ‘The Great Punjabi Experiment’ that has been released now.

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The title of the song read as ‘Royi Na’ (Don’t Cry) but the song is so heartwarming that you will get bound to cry. It is a peaceful and soulful expression of heartbreak and sadness that you might be dealing with at some point in your life.

When it comes to Jasmine Sandlas, we have to admit that she gives her heart and soul to all her songs and always wins our heart. This song is a perfect melody with all the emotions and one can feel each and every word that the song comprises.

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Lyrics of the song are amazingly penned by Jasmine which will wrench your hearts; music of the song is composed by Raaginder. The video representation is done by Pav Lubana.

While releasing the song ‘Royi Na’; Jasmine Sandlas also shared a heartfelt message on her Instagram handle which read as, “After I post this, I’m gonna get off the internet for a few days because I can feel an avalanche of emotion coming my way. All pure and potent emotion, but an avalanche of it.”

In another post by her she mentioned, “Today I set myself free from the pain I endured while I lived in Mohali. Sometimes I wish I could go back and change some things. But the truth is that it was necessary. I am thankful. I am free."


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Jasmine Sandlas is back with her amazing songs that are being loved by the audience. Other than song ‘Royi Na’ from the album ‘The Great Punjabi Experiment’; Jasmine also released ‘Gana Challe Ya Na’ and ‘Mago’ which were also appreciated by all her fans, friends and followers.

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