Karan Aujla to drop second intro 'B.T.F.U Vibe Check' from his album 'BTFU'!

written by Ritika Nath | September 01, 2021

'Good things take time!' this is absolutely true in Karan Aujla's case. The singer is all set to release his debut album 'B.T.F.U' and the buzz which has already created over it is massive. Needless, to explain the reason behind it.

Karan Aujla has managed to garner name, fame as well as love from the audience over all these years. And now, the singer is all set to create history with his upcoming album 'BTFU'.

Ever since the intro of the album has been released his fans are eager to hear a word from him about the same. Finally, there's a great piece of news for all his fans out there.

Image Source: Instagram

Karan Aujla has updated his fans about to release a small glimpse from his much-awaited album 'B.T.F.U'. The teaser of the album will be released on September 2 in India and September 1 in Canada.

While sharing this information, Karan Aujla also took to hi Instgaram stories to share much details about his album which read as, "This is just a small preview of what's about to come."

Whereas, the other story read as, "BTFU is a story. BTFU is passion, culture , and the origin of Punjabi Music."

Image Source: Instagram

These messages from Karan Aujla has hyped the expectation of everyone and surely it will be something that one could ever think about.

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Talking about his album 'BeThaFu*kUp' or 'BTFU'; it will include total 12 songs in it. Out of which the song 'Chu Gon Do?' has been released already.

Image Source: Instagram

Entire album of Karan Aujla is in collaboration with Tru Skool and we undoubtedly this collaboration will be on fire. Meanwhile, BTFU Vibe Check will be released under Speed Records on September 2. So, have you begun your countdown yet?


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