'Lucky to be a part of Kapoor family, still want to earn the golden opportunity', says Zahan Kapoor

Written by  Shimona Sharma   |  February 04th 2023 04:06 PM  |  Updated: February 04th 2023 04:06 PM

'Lucky to be a part of Kapoor family, still want to earn the golden opportunity', says Zahan Kapoor

Zahan Kapoor news: The grandson of the legendary Shashi Kapoor, newcomer Zahan Kapoor says that he had learnt at an early age that there are privileges attached to his surname but there are also responsibilities to handle with the surname.

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Zahan Kapoor's journey 

Further, Zahan said that it was a blessing to be a part of the Kapoor family which is regarded as the founder of Indian cinema which was started by the late Prithviraj Kapoor. However, Zahan's grandfather Shashi Kapoor who was an actor and filmmaker and then his father Kunal Kapoor also acted in a few movies.

However,  he believes that it was a proud moment for him to be a part of such a family. Then he stated that it was a huge blessing and privilege at the same time. In addition to this, he also says that he tries to not take too much pressure on himself.

Talking about the actor, he made his debut with the film titled 'Faraaz' which was directed by Hansal Mehta and was purely an inspiration for the young actor.

Zahan Kapoor's family details

Furthermore, he stated that he was trying to do something new and didn't ask for favours from anyone and he is trying to build his career on his own. Then, the actor mentioned that he was fortunate enough that Ranbir Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor and others supported him in his journey.

Then, he also said that he received advice from multiple members of the Kapoor family which includes the late actor Rishi Kapoor was worried that he looked too young and asked him to wait and not to rush. Later, Ranbir also said that it feels good, proud and to keep going.

Zahan Kapoor's debut movie 'Faraz'

For the unversed, the movie 'Faraz' is based on the 2016 terror attack on a bakery in Dhaka, Bangladesh which features Zahan as a 20-year-old who was among the 29 people killed in the attack. The film released was released in the theatres on February 3.

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