Neena Gupta spilling the beans about marrying her husband Vivek Mehra

written by Shimona Sharma | November 29, 2022 12:01pm

Neena Gupta recently opened up about marrying her now husband Vivek Mehra. Spilling some beans on settling with Vivek , she said that she met him on a plane and it was a good phase . Although, it got difficult because Vivek was already married with two children. Neena Further added on that it was a very difficult phase of her life. The actress went on saying that she doesn't think there is anything like the love between a man and a woman. According to her, she will do a lot for her husband but not as much as she would do for her daughter Masaba.

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Neena Gupta has been married to Vivek Mehra for 13 years , but she doesn't claim to be a relationship expert . The actress shared a blunt opinions on how happy marriages are a rarity and that every individualhas their own way of dealing with matrimonial conflicts. 

Further when she was asked about her thoughts on happy marriages, which was referred from her tell-all autobiography titled 'Sach Kahun Toh' , to this she giggled and answered that she hasn't seen a happy marriage around her so she does not know bout it much . She said it's always full of compromises and each individual has to make their own choice as to what they are looking for in life. Neena also raised a question in her history about people who stay in unhappy marriages and left it to the readers to come to their conclusions .

She further writes that it takes courage to end a marriage their is no doubt about it . But it is a trauma because once two people unite , their whole existence , their families are held together by a thread. When this thread starts to weaken , everyone suffers. Neena pointed out that every person has to deal with their relationship their own way.

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