Netflix Hunger Movie Review : A Film About the Cutthroat World of Culinary Arts

The article provides a critical review of the movie "Hunger," directed by Sitisiri Mongkolsiri. It highlights the themes explored in the movie, including class division and the pressure and stress that cooks endure. The review notes that the film fails to infuse its points with creativity and falls flat, ultimately leaving the audience unsatisfied.

Written by  Entertainment Desk   |  April 10th 2023 02:02 PM  |  Updated: April 10th 2023 02:34 PM

Netflix Hunger Movie Review : A Film About the Cutthroat World of Culinary Arts

Directed by Sitisiri Mongkolsiri, 'Hunger' is a film that follows the story of a talented street cook named Aoy who joins an exclusive team of assistants called Hunger. The movie highlights the precision and dictatorship-like atmosphere that exists within the culinary world and the immense pressure and stress that cooks endure to prove their worth.

Themes Explored

The film delves into themes of class division, with the rich-poor conversations serving as a blunt commentary on society's inequalities. It also questions whether Paul's food is truly as scrumptious as it appears, as the movie mocks wealthy individuals with poor taste.

Tension and Struggle

The tension between Aoy and Paul is palpable as both strive to be at the top but have different opinions on how to get there. Aoy's desire to be special leads her down a path of literal and figurative wounds that she must endure to become brilliant.

Our Ratings: 5/10

This movie somewhat follows a familiar path. Its characters aim for greatness, but the film itself settles for mediocrity. The message it conveys is repetitive and lacks creativity, making it a tedious watch. Even the final showdown between two chefs is treated too seriously, making it less amusing. 

The film ultimately falls flat, failing to leave a lasting impression or stimulate the audience's appetite for more. It's like a stale dish that's been given a polished appearance but still fails to satisfy.

It can be a good watch for foodies and anyone interested in exploring the cutthroat world of culinary arts but it could have better insights into the cooking world rather than just playing around the sentiments.


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