Majnoo: Get Ready for an Unforgettable Love Story with Preet Baath, Kiran Shergill

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  March 06th 2024 07:10 PM  |  Updated: March 06th 2024 07:10 PM

Majnoo: Get Ready for an Unforgettable Love Story with Preet Baath, Kiran Shergill

Shalimar Production Limited is excited to introduce 'Majnoo' a highly anticipated romantic film directed by Suzad Iqbal Khan and produced by Mr. Tilok Kothari. Starring Preet Baath, Kiran Shergill, Sabby Suri, and a talented ensemble cast, "Majnoo" promises to be a timeless tale of love and identity.

Majnoo Trailer

The recently unveiled trailer, crafted by Kiran Shergill with a compelling screenplay by Sabha Verma, has ignited excitement throughout the Punjabi film industry. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Punjab, "Majnoo" aims to capture the essence of enduring bonds and genuine emotions.

The narrative introduces fresh faces with Preet Baath and Kiran Shergill in leading roles, supported by the charismatic Sabby Suri. The story follows Preet's journey of love at first sight, intertwined with challenges that test the strength of relationships.

Director Suzad Iqbal Khan shared his enthusiasm for the project, describing "Majnoo" as an immersive journey into the depths of true love. Producer Mr. Tilok Kothari expressed confidence in the film, believing it would resonate with audiences and become a cherished memory in Punjabi cinema.

Lead actress Kiran Shergill expressed her excitement, emphasizing the power of the script and the beautifully crafted characters. With its captivating storyline, "Majnoo" promises to touch the hearts of viewers and leave a lasting impression.

As the trailer sets the stage for an emotional rollercoaster, audiences can anticipate the triumphant victory of love over time and circumstances. Scheduled for release on March 22nd, 2024, "Majnoo" is poised to be a milestone in Punjabi cinema, blending romance, drama, and nostalgia into an unforgettable cinematic experience. Get ready to embark on a journey of love and rediscovery with "Majnoo."


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