'Medal' movie: Jayy Randhawa, Baani Sandhu announce film's NEW RELEASE date

'Medal' movie: Punjabi movie 'Medal' featuring Jayy Randhawa and Baani Sandhu to release on June 3.

Reported by: PTC Punjabi Desk | Edited by: Ritika Nath  |  June 02nd 2023 12:51 PM |  Updated: June 02nd 2023 12:51 PM

'Medal' movie: Jayy Randhawa, Baani Sandhu announce film's NEW RELEASE date

The highly anticipated Punjabi movie 'Medal', which has already garnered immense attention through its captivating posters and trailer, was originally scheduled to release today, June 2. However, recent developments have revealed that the release of the movie has been postponed.

Fans who had eagerly reserved seats and eagerly awaited its release were left disappointed. The new release date for "Medal" has now been rescheduled for June 3, 2023, promising an exciting cinematic experience. The film features popular actors Jayy Randhawa and Baani Sandhu in prominent roles, and they personally announced the rescheduling news during a live session on Instagram.

While the sudden change in the release date may have caught fans off guard, the filmmakers have chosen to advance the release for undisclosed internal reasons. Jayy Randhawa expressed his disappointment, stating that certain individuals had deliberately worked to undermine their film. He even voiced his discontent and condemned those responsible for this act. However, he also urged his followers and fans to rally behind the movie, providing it with unwavering support. Through this collective show of support, he aimed to make the culprits aware of the formidable strength possessed by his loyal supporters.

Turning our attention to the movie itself, "Medal" is an action-thriller infused with a touch of romance. Baani Sandhu, a talented artist making her acting debut, brings a fresh perspective to the film. The story, script, and dialogue for "Medal" have been crafted by Maneesh Bhatt, an accomplished filmmaker renowned for his work in character-driven movies like "Panchhi" and "Chobbar."

With just a few hours remaining until the highly anticipated premiere, the excitement surrounding "Medal" continues to grow. Fans eagerly anticipate witnessing the magic unfold on the silver screen, as the film promises to deliver a thrilling cinematic experience.


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