Rose, Rosy Te Gulab Official Poster: Gurnam Bhullar, Mahi Sharma, Pranjal Dahiya Share First Glimpse

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  April 03rd 2024 07:00 PM  |  Updated: April 03rd 2024 07:00 PM

Rose, Rosy Te Gulab Official Poster: Gurnam Bhullar, Mahi Sharma, Pranjal Dahiya Share First Glimpse

Gurnam Bhullar, the heartthrob of Punjabi cinema, is ready to captivate audiences with his upcoming romantic film "Rose, Rosy Te Gulab." Alongside him, Mahi Sharma and the debutante  Pranjal Dahiya are set to weave a tale of love, passion, and intrigue. Scheduled to hit theatres on May 24th, the film's makers have unveiled a tantalizing new poster featuring the lead trio, sparking curiosity among fans about the romantic entanglements that await on the silver screen.

Rose, Rosy Te Gulab Movie

The announcement of this new Punjabi movie came around a month ago, accompanied by a brief glimpse into the characters. However, the veil was lifted recently when the official poster was revealed, sending waves of excitement among fans eagerly anticipating the film.

Produced by Aashu Munish Sahni & Gurnam Bhullar’s Diamondstar Worldwide Productions, "Rose, Rosy Te Gulab" is penned by the talented Preet Sanghreri and helmed by Manvir Brar, the director known for the acclaimed film "Lekh." For Haryanvi star Pranjal Dahiya, this film marks her much-anticipated debut in Punjabi cinema, with fans already buzzing with anticipation to witness her portrayal of Rose.

Rose, Rosy Te Gulab Movie Cast and Release Date

The movie also boasts a stellar supporting cast, including Harby Sangha, Karamjit Anmol, and other prominent actors, promising a cinematic experience that transcends mere entertainment.

With its enchanting storyline, charismatic cast, and promising directorial vision, "Rose, Rosy Te Gulab" is poised to reignite the flames of romance and leave an indelible mark on the hearts of audiences when it graces the theatres on May 24th. Prepare to be swept away on a journey of love, laughter, and emotions as Gurnam Bhullar and his co-stars weave magic on the silver screen.


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