Preet Harpal apologizes to his fans as he unintentionally hurt the sentiments with the song 'Hostel'.

written by Ritika Nath | May 17, 2021 06:29pm

Preet Harpal has always managed to beguile hearts with his amazing singing. It is just recent that his song Yaari Tutju amused his fans. And yet again the singer made us fall for him with his recent release titled 'Hostel'.

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The song was released on May 15 and managed to garner much love from the audience. However, the song included a line which unintentionally hurt the sentiments of the people belonging to the Brahman community.

Preet Harpal, understanding the emotions and the sentiments of the people asked for apology and deleted the segment from the song. Taking to his Instagram handle he captioned, "Ssa saryan nu. Parso apna ik gana hostel release hoya jis vich kush lines da virodh apni brahman community wallon ho reha hai.Jis line da virodh c oh delete kar diti gyee hai. kise Di bhawna nu hurt krna bulkul v mantav nhi c. I apologise from all brahman samaaj specifically haryana k bhai behn. Jiske bhi man ko thes lagi ho. Parmatma aap ka hmesha khyal rkh apka apna"

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Talking about the song, it showcases Preet Harpal saying good bye to the hostel room where he has spent his most of the college days. The songĀ  rejuvenates all our Hostel or University memories.


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Preet Harpal with his caption proves that, it was not his intention to hurt the sentiments of any specific community. As he apologized to the community and also told that he respect all the sentiments of the people.

Going by the song details, the song is sung and written by Preet Harpal to which the music is composed by Jassi X.


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