Raqesh Bapat leaves no chance to appreciate his lady love Shamita Shetty in the Bigg Boss house

written by Kirti Pathak | October 14, 2021

Raqesh Bapat is a big fan of Bigg Boss 15 and one reason has become obvious. The season is a fun-filled season where it has full action as well but the major reason for the actor liking the season is his ladylove Shamita Shetty. Raqesh had promised to help her from the outside before she entered, and he is certainly keeping his word.

Raqesh Shamita Image Source -Instagram

Many people, including Raqesh, were moved by the previous episode of the show in which Shamita offers her shoes to Miesha Iyer after learning that her parents are no longer alive.

Raqesh Shamita Image Source -Instagram

Sharing the clip on his Twitter handle he wrote, "Tenderness and kindness are evidence of strength and resolution, not signs of weakness and despair," he added. "@ShamitaShetty #Kudos."

Shamita ruined Miesha's shoes during the 'Jungle Mein Khunkhar Dangal' task for the uninitiated. She became teary and told Pratik that she has no one to send her essentials inside the house. Shamita overheard this and afterward inquired of Pratik as to what she meant. Pratik informed her that her parents had passed away. Shamita was moved to tears by this.

Raqesh Shamita Image Source -Instagram

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Shamita instructed Pratik to contact Miesha, after which she offered her a pair of shoes from her collection. Miesha informed her she couldn't take it because of the regulations, but Shamita chose one and told her she had to take it because she was offering it of her own volition.

Not just Raqesh, but also actress Kamya Punjabi and other netizens were moved by Shamita's compassion and couldn't stop applauding her.


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