Sharry Maan's decision to stop drinking is connected to... To learn more, read here

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  November 29th 2021 11:26 AM  |  Updated: November 29th 2021 11:26 AM

Sharry Maan's decision to stop drinking is connected to... To learn more, read here

Sharry Maan, known for his quirky music and songs that can make anyone dance, has revealed something important about his alcohol consumption.

You read that correctly. Sharry Maan, like any other Punjabi, drinks alcohol, but not anymore because he has the best reason in the world to stop. Now, we'd like to stop beating around the bush and inform you that Sharry Maan recently announced the love of his life, along with the fact that she's the reason he's giving up alcohol.

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As stated by himself, the singer, who is well-known for his song 3 Peg, will no longer consume alcohol.

Sharry Maan not only announced his intention to abstain from alcohol, but he also revealed his lady love for the first time. Fans and friends have been showering Sharry Maan with congratulations ever since he shared the picture with his lady love.

Image Source: Instagram

Sharry Maan created quite a stir a few months ago when he announced on Instagram Stories that 'bhabiji' would be arriving in India soon. Fans hoped to learn more about Sharry Maan's love, but it was Sherry's car that the singer referred to as bhabhi.

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Image Source: Instagram

Sharry, on the other hand, was in the news for his banter with Parmish Verma. However, both singers quickly took to their respective social media accounts to end the heated debates by agreeing not to comment on each other's personal lives in the future.


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