Sheezan Khan's family speaks out; refutes allegations by Tunisha's mother

written by Shimona Sharma | January 02, 2023 04:53pm

Tunisha Sharma's news: Actress Tunisha Sharma allegedly died by suicide on December 24. The actor was playing the lead role in Ali Baba: Daastan-E-Kabul took her life.

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Tunisha's mother was constantly being accused by Sheeezan Khan and his family. In response to these lies, Sheezan's family held a press conference on January 2 and denied all the allegations which were raised by Tunisha's mother.  According to the sources, this happened on the set when Tunisha went to the washroom during the tea break and did not return for a long time. Then when people went to check, they found her dead. After which they rushed to the hospital where she was declared dead.

Later on, Tunisha's mother Vanita Sharma filed a case against Sheezan Khan. In a media conference, she announced that Sheezan cheated on Tunisha so as a result, she gave up on her life. The late actress's mother also claimed to have talked to Sheezan after they broke up. Her mother also accused Sheezan's family of teaching her Urdu which brought a lot of changes in her behaviour which the mother was able to feel.

Whereas Sheezan Khan's lawyer Mishra accused Tunisha's mother and his uncle Sanjeev Kaushal were managing Tunisha's finances. As per the lawyer the late actress had to take permission before spending her money. Further, the lawyer also cleared that it was not a case related to love jihad as her mother is responsible for the cause.

In addition to this, Sheezan's sisters Falak Naaz who is also an actor and Shafaq Naaz held a press conference to clear all doubts. The Naaz sisters refuted the claims of Tunisha's mother and said neither her brother nor her family members had forced her to change her religion in any case. His sister Falaq also said that the picture which is being circulated on social media channels where she was seen wearing a burqa is from the shoot.

However, in several media interviews, Tunisha's mother claimed that both Sheezan and his family forced her to accept Islam. Sheezan's sisters dismissed all the claims and stated that an actor has to wear a similar costume for a longer period to match the script and then slowly it becomes a habit in the life of an actor. In the end, she claimed that all statements made by Tunisha's mother were false and Sheezan's family never forced her to do anything.

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