Sikh Community Provides Free Meals For 3 Days Owing To Government Shutdown In US

written by Diksha Kapoor | January 19, 2019

The Sikh community in San Antonio, a city in Texas, stepped up last week for the US government employees. The Sikh community stood up and offered them free meals for three days, last weekend. They provided a healthy vegetarian meal to fellow American government employees, in regards to the shutdown without pay. US President, Donald Trump, wants to build a wall on the US-Mexico border, and the democrats felt that it will be a waste of money. Thence, the employees were working without any pay for nearly four weeks.

The Sikh community came forward to provide refreshing meals to the employees, as they said that this was the least they could do for them. Last Friday on 11 January, the center posted on its Facebook that employees and the families affected by the shutdown were invited to the Sikh center for free meals for three days. The act done by the Sikh community, builds faith in humanity again with their amazing gesture for people around them.


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