Somy Ali talks about her relationship and break up with Salman Khan; read full story

written by Ritika Nath | January 06, 2022

Salman Khan and Somy Ali's love and breakup have been in the news several times. Somy Ali's recent interview has resurfaced as a topic of debate. She described how she proposed to Salman Khan while on a trip to Nepal and she was  16 years old at the time.

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Somy Ali has also responded to Salman Khan's proposal. She also praised Salman Khan's parents in the interview, saying she learned a lot from them. The actress also stated why she and Salman had broken up and complimented them.

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In multiple interviews, Somy Ali has stated that she travelled to India solely to marry Salman Khan. From 1991 until 1998, she worked in Hindi films. After a breakup with Salman, she relocated to the United States in 1999. We were heading to Nepal, Somy revealed in an interview, "I was sitting next to him. I removed his photo showing it to him. I told him, ‘I have come all the way to marry you!’

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“I learned a lot from their parents and home,” Somi said. Salman also taught me. After all, if you are not happy with a relationship, it is better to separate. That was the scene between Salman and me. I decided to go back to America and continue to work with her NGO No More Tears.

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