'The Kapil Sharma Show': Chandu Chaiwala aka Chandan Prabhakar worked in Punjabi films

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'The Kapil Sharma Show': Chandu Chaiwala aka Chandan Prabhakar worked in Punjabi films

Kapil Sharma's Show Chandu Chaiwala is a well-known comedy programme that has spent years entertaining viewers by doing everything possible. Yes, we are referring to "The Kapil Sharma Show," and every performer on it works to amuse viewers. Chandan Prabhakar, who plays Chandu Chaiwala, is one of the performers whose career has been improved by this drama.

You must be aware that Chandan and Kapil were childhood pals, and as a result of their friendship, Kapil offered Chandan a role on his show. However, did you know that prior to making an appearance on "The Kapil Sharma Show," Chandan Prabhakar worked in Punjabi movies?

Worked in Punjabi films earlier

In contrast to how he frequently dresses simply on the show, Chandan Prabhakar is actually pretty fashionable. Chandan, a native of Punjab, has always desired to work in the entertainment industry. He graduated from engineering school, but after taking part in Kapil Sharma's India Laughter Challenge, his acting career really kicked off.

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Earlier, Chandan Prabhakar was delighted that he began to receive small parts in Punjabi movies. But Chandan never had a break in the movie industry. The most significant career break came from his friend Kapil Sharma.

Chandan Prabhakar owns a BMW

Chandan Prabhakar, who performs on "The Kapil Sharma Show," does all in his power to make people laugh. Whereas before, he craved small roles, he is now well-known across the nation.

Chandan allegedly earns between 5 and 7 lakh rupees every week for the show, according to the media. In addition to this, he also owns a BMW 3 Series 320D automobile that costs about Rs 40 lakh and a home in Mumbai. Today, Chandan is steadily escalating the success ladder, and his friend Kapil Sharma has played a significant role in this achievement.

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