The Kashmir Files: Director Vivek Agnihotri's viral picture leaves netizens divided on the internet

written by Ritika Nath | March 16, 2022

The Kashmir Files, directed by well-known Bollywood director Vivek Agnihotri, is currently in the headlines. While the film was controversial before its release, it has gotten positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. Following the film's release, the director has once again been the subject of criticism.

Image Source: Instagram

In fact, a photo of Vivek is quickly becoming a viral sensation on social media. Vivek is shown worshipping in front of a dargah in this photograph. Meanwhile, he's holding hands as does his prayers.

On social media, a fight erupted after this picture of Vivek surfaced. Social media users have established many groups as a result of the controversy that erupted over this image. While many fans and politicians are in favor of Vivek, his detractors are labeling the film a hypocrite on the part of the director.

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Some social media users defended themselves, claiming that The Kashmir Files has so far revealed the country's secret truth to the people. At the same time, the opposition claims that releasing such videos is an attempt to poison people's minds against the Muslim community, which is untrue.

Image Source: Instagram

It's worth noting that while director Vivek uploaded this image on Twitter, which is from his film released in 2012.

The Kashmir Files is a film about Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir in 1990. The incident, which drove the Kashmiri Pandits to flee Kashmir, has left a lasting impression on the Kashmiri Pandits.

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