Childhood Friends Anushka Sharma and Sakshi Dhoni's Viral Photos Resurface Memories

The viral photos of Anushka Sharma and Sakshi Dhoni, childhood friends from their school days in Assam, have resurfaced on social media, capturing the hearts of fans. These images rekindle memories of their close bond and highlight the depth of their friendship.

Written by  Entertainment Desk   |  May 30th 2023 05:03 PM  |  Updated: May 30th 2023 06:05 PM

Childhood Friends Anushka Sharma and Sakshi Dhoni's Viral Photos Resurface Memories

Recently, social media was abuzz with old photos of Sakshi Dhoni, wife of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma. These pictures served as a reminder that Anushka and Sakshi share a long-standing friendship that predates the relationship between their respective husbands, Virat Kohli and Dhoni. Let's take a closer look at the bond between these childhood friends and their shared experiences.

Childhood Days and School Connection:

Anushka Sharma and Sakshi Dhoni were not just acquaintances but classmates during their school days. Anushka's father, Retd. Col. Ajay Kumar Sharma was once posted in Assam, where both girls studied at St. Mary's School. This common background further strengthened their friendship and laid the foundation for their enduring bond.

Viral Photos Capture Precious Moments:

The viral photos capturing Anushka and Sakshi together in winter outfits are showing their cherished moments with friends. These images remind us of the deep-rooted connection between the two women, going beyond their prominent spouses and high-profile lives.

Anushka's Fond Memories:

In an interview, Anushka Sharma fondly recalled her time with Sakshi Dhoni. She revealed that they lived together in a small town in Assam, sharing the same locality and attending the same school. Their shared experiences created an instant connection and a sense of camaraderie.

The Fancy Dress Memory:

Anushka also shared a heartwarming anecdote about a fancy dress photo that holds special significance in their friendship. In the image, Sakshi is dressed as a fairy, while Anushka dons a Ghaghara, reminiscent of her favourite idol, Madhuri Dixit. Anushka described Sakshi as extremely funny, further highlighting the joyful moments they shared during their formative years.

A Timeless Friendship:

The re-emergence of these nostalgic photos serves as a testament to the enduring bond between Anushka Sharma and Sakshi Dhoni. Their friendship, forged in the classrooms of Assam, has withstood the test of time, with both individuals achieving success in their respective fields.


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