Diwali 2022: This elderly man is staying away from his family; reason will make you emotional

written by Ritika Nath | October 20, 2022 07:56pm

Diwali  2022: It's a festive month and people gather around their loved ones to spend quality time with them. However, a 72-year-old man, who hails from Burari, is working away from his home and the reason will surprise everyone.

The elderly man has been identified as Gurmeet Singh who is a salesperson in Delhi. He has expertise in little goods like lights and toys for kids. While the majority of old age people relax at their homes during festivals, Gurmeet Singh is still working at the age of 72.

During his conversation with the PTC Punjabi team, Gurmeet Singh revealed himself as a Burari native. He commutes 30 kilometers a scooter to work in Delhi. He has been traveling for the past 10 years.

Image Source : PTC Punjabi

The reason why Gurmeet Singh was living so far from his house remains unclear. He claimed that he was a Sikh who has a strong belief in 'Nitnem' and adores reciting the holy 'Gurbani'.

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Gurmeet Singh stated that his children like watching TV or movies and in order to listen to Gurbani daily, the elderly man works so that he could avoid friction at his house.

Image Source : PTC Punjabi

When asked more about why he was working at this age, Gurmeet Singh stated that he was working in order to avoid any form of dispute within the home.

As a result, there is no friction in the home, he said. Neither they nor the kids are experiencing any issues, he added. With his kindness and humbleness, Gurmeet Singh has gained admiration from both his clients and the shopkeepers.

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