A girl trying to copy Uorfi Javed's style in Delhi Metro makes headlines

A girl from Delhi has recently made headlines in the national dailies with her outrageous appearance in the Delhi metro transport. Recently the girl was spotted wearing an electric blue bandeu bra with a skirt too little to be called a mini skirt inside the public transport to which netizens were seen loosing their calm for making her co-passengers uncomfortable.

Reported by: PTC Punjabi Desk | Edited by: Durtimans  |  April 03rd 2023 04:01 PM |  Updated: April 05th 2023 12:10 PM

A girl trying to copy Uorfi Javed's style in Delhi Metro makes headlines

A girl from Delhi is currently making headlines for her outrageous appearance on the Delhi metro transport. Netizens condemned the girl for barely wearing anything on the common-man daily transport line. 

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Viral video of a girl in Delhi Metro

She is currently referred to as 'Delhi Metro Girl', who stormed the social media platform ever since her outfit went viral. The girl in her skimpy clothing has sparked a heated wave of debate on the internet. Twitter users shared their contrasting opinions regarding the unidentified woman.

A set of society was seen supporting the girl and quoted, "One shouldn't question someone's right to dress" while there were others who slammed the mystery girl.

People ask where's gender equality?

In a similar incident, earlier a man was arrested for traveling in his undergarments inside the train and was alleged for breaking the transport peace of the general public. One user has now commented on the metro girl's incident, "The man was booked by the police under nudity. Meanwhile this girl crossed all the limit of nudity. Is it gender equality?" tagging along with the Delhi police department.

Netizens relate it to 'Western' culture

People called it a fever that came from the West and also compared the girl with Uorfi Javed. While sharing a tweet, one user wrote "There is seriously something wrong going on in Delhi. Is this a new kind of virus that came from the West?" Adding to this the user said, "Travelling in Delhi Metro with family and kids is seriously embarrassing now due to these retards." 

For the unversed, the girl was spotted wearing an electric blue bandeau bra with a mini skirt inside the public transport. The outfit raised the eyebrows of the netizens and soon it divided the internet with mixed opinions on the same.


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