Watch World’s Best Female Dhol Players Playing Some Mean Beats [Videos Inside]

written by Aakash Rawal | May 19, 2018

Bhangra on the beats of Dhol is something without which celebration in Punjab and Punjabi s seems incomplete. The one who plays Dhol is called “Dholi” in Punjabi, but how many Female Dhol players have you come across? I think barely any. Well, if you haven’t seen female dhol players performing, then it’s time you meet them. Playing has always been considered as a male-dominated affair, but here we have listed few of the best female Dhol players of the world, we bet you they will change your thinking.

Jahan Geet

Jahan Geet Kaur - India's Youngest Female Dhol Player When we talk about female Dhol players, we cannot skip mentioning the name of Jahan Geet. This girl lives in Chandigarh and she is known to be the youngest female Dhol player of India. She is very much passionate about playing Dhol and now she has a huge fan following. The dhol girl was recently seen performing at the biggest award show for Punjabi film industry PTC Punjabi Film Awards 2018. Watch few of her spectacular performances here: [embed][/embed]

Parv Kaur

Parv Kaur is another shining star in the list of female Dhol players. She lives in the United Kingdom and known to be UK’s first female Dhol player. She had learned to play Dhol, Dholki and the Keyboard at a very young age. Few of her power-packed performance are here below:

Rani Taj

Rani Taj is a British Pakistani female Dhol player who lives in Birmingham, United Kingdom. She is also recognized as the “Dhol Queen” by her fans. Actually, came into limelight after her video of LIVE Dhol remix to Rihanna’s ‘Rude Boy’ went viral on the internet. Check out the videos of her performances here: The following video went viral on the internet  

Sheena Boll

Sheena Boll is London, the UK based female Dhol player who is much famous female Dhol player. Her roots are from Punjab only as her parents Ajit Singh Boll and Gurbachan Kaur Boll, who had migrated to the UK in 1970 from Balachaur in Nawanshahr district. Talking about her career and life story Sheena Boll said, "I played over 18 years ago and learned how to play through dhol academy in East London. I stopped playing due to education and have since accomplished two degrees and have an 11year old son. The music itself was motivation, but my biggest motivation was my parents. They never let me feel that anything was impossible. I owe all my credit to them Mr Ajit Singh Boll and Mrs Gurbachan Kaur Boll." Watch out for some of her electrifying performances: [embed][/embed]  


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