Amberdeep Singh reveals the release date of his three upcoming ventures in the year 2021!

written by Ritika Nath | July 13, 2021

Punjab's state administration has begun to ease the limitations imposed on movie theaters as a result of the second wave of coronavirus. Cinemas have been granted permission to operate at full capacity under the new guidelines and this has come as a sigh of relief to all the Punjabi movies lovers. Talented writer-director and actor Amberdeep Singh's three major announcements undoubtedly left every Punjabi movie lover astonished as he announced not one but three of his upcoming ventures.

Image Source: Instagram
Recently, Amberdeep is a well-known figure in the industry, and his work has always been well-received by the public. As a result, anytime he releases any information about his projects, it causes a buzz. And this announcement made by Amberdeep Singh, recently allured everyone as he revealed the release dates of his three upcoming films on his social media account, adding to the enthusiasm of his followers.
Image Source: Instagram
While announcing the release dates, Amberdeep did not reveal the title, storyline, actors, director, or any other details. He just stated that since movie theatres will be reopening shortly, his fans would be able to see him and his work on the big screen on the following dates: August 27, September 3, and September 10, 2021. ALSO READ: Sky High: ‘King’ Asim Riaz calls Himanshi Khurana ‘Punjab Di Rani’!
Image Source: Instagram
Besides this, the list of other anticipated films includes ‘Jodi,' ‘Je Jatt Vigad Gaya,' Saukan Saukane’, ‘Laung Lachi 2’ and many others. However, we'll have to wait for Amberdeep Singh's next update before we can be certain.


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