Best Message From Khalsa Aid To Start New Year 2019!

written by Karan Nanda | January 02, 2019

Khalsa Aid, a UK based NGO with an aim to provide humanitarian aid in disaster areas and civil conflict zones around the world, has posted a moving New Year message on their official Instagram account.

The organisation posted a picture of a Sikh man who is seen holding a placard with ‘Drop Food Not Bombs’ message written on it. They captioned the image as: “A new year but our message remains the same ...... #Peace #OneLove #DropFoodNotBombs #KhalsaAid.”

Khalsa Aid’s this moving message received immense positive response on Instagram. This message has received 14.5k likes so far.

Meanwhile, Khalsa Aid members are in Indonesia helping the residents affected by the recent Tsunami.

Over 7,000 people were injured in a tsunami, triggered by the eruption of Anak Krakatau volcano and the ensuing underwater landslide, on December 22, 2019.

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