Bob Biswas review: Abhishek Bachchan stare and straight look fails to impress the audience

written by Kirti Pathak | December 04, 2021

In the 2012’s film Kahani directed by Sujoy Ghosh, the most mysterious character was Bob Biswas. He was unctuous and nondescript whom one would fail to notice while walking on the street.

He possessed the quality of contract killer, completing assignments with full efficiency, shooting the victim right in the center of eyes. The smiling menace in the film, Saswata Chatterji played the role while in the recently released film Bob Biswas, Abhishek Bachchan plays the role of life insurance agent.

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The film has left behind the hard-edged thrillers of Hollywood also in terms of the cold-bloodedness of the killing. The twist in the film is about Bob going around for his business but putting his life and his close ones' live at serious risk.

The viewers have the crackling story of Kahani in mind making the comparison of Bob Bis was and Kahani inevitable. Though the expectations were high but look like they haven’t been fulfilled. Kahani stays alive in the minds of people which should have instantly caught the attention of Bob Biswas.

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The first quarter of the film manages to get attention followed by monotony which then makes the film flat. Neither the story of the film nor the character of Bob Biswas carried out by Abhishek Bachchan hold the film.

Originally played by Saswata Chatterjee in Kahani's film of 2012, completely nailed the character. Bob Biswas is a character inspired by that but disappoints the audience with just replicas of the original chilling assassins.

The film is designed in a way to remind the original elements of Kahaani which did leave them stunned.

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Bob in the film gets back to life after staying in a coma for eight years. The film is well crafted with striking moments with the whole screenplay moving around the banned drug named blue. After Bob is woken up from the coma he lands himself in the Kolkata underworld and gets stuck with the pedlers.

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Chitrangda Singh is playing the role of his wife in the film while Samara Tijori plays his daughter’s role and son played by Ronith Arora.

To showcase the blurry state of the character, Abhishek Bachchan carries a stony visage and gawky eyes with the unsteady stair. Despite the hard efforts, Bob Biswas’s character fails to shake the audience with his thrill.


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