Ameesha patel shares her close bond with Gadar co-star Sunny Deol and his family; Shares "I am so connected to the Deol household"

Written by  Durtimans   |  February 21st 2024 03:38 PM  |  Updated: February 21st 2024 03:38 PM

Ameesha patel shares her close bond with Gadar co-star Sunny Deol and his family; Shares "I am so connected to the Deol household"

Ameesha Patel is undoudtedly one of the most renown actresses of Bollywood who has paved her starry way from the time ever since she entered the glitzy realm of Bollywood. With many films done under her sleeves, Ameesha's film are known for unwavering action, romance and some nerve oozing drama. Among so many other projects, what shone the brightest in her long spanning career has to be the intriguing action-drama of 2001, 'Gadar - Ek Prem Katha' led opposite to Sunny Deol. Relaesed in 2001, the film has amassed history by garnering Rs. 77 crore worldwide, which was way too much for a film of that long gone period. Recently, director Anil Sharma has bought it's sequel 'Gadar 2' featuring both the leading stars and it has yet again broken record as it grossed more than Rs. 500 crore overall. 


Ameesha Patel on Punjabi language and her close equation with the Deols

The franchise is no doubt, a thumbs up but what is even intriguing is the bonth shared between the duo. Infact recently, during an interview, Gadar fame, Sakina aka Ameesha Patel has opened up about about her close equations shared with her co-star Sunny Deol as well as with his family and we are amazed for what had to say. It all started when Patel talked about speaking Punjabi with Sunny Deol on the sets of Gadar. Speaking about her character, she said "Sakina is now mostly Punjabi. But I can understand Punjabi completely and jab khaas karke main Gadar ke set pe hoti hoon. My good fortune is that I've been on it twice now and for long durations. Sunny ji aur Anil Sharma ji aur the writer Shaktimaan ji Punjabi ke ilava kisi aur bhasha mein baat hi nahi karte. And Sunny ji ki bhi ab aadat ho gayi hai mujhse Punjabi mein baat karne ki." 


Deols are very fond of Ameesha Patel

While continuing with her chit-chat, she moved on further disclosing her good bond which she shares along the whole Deol family. "I am so connected to the Deol household, be it Bobby, Dharam ji, they are all fond of me and I love the Deols. Pehle main Dharam ji, ya Sunny ji ki mammi ko milungi toh pehle main unke pair chhuti hoon (When I meet Dharmendra or the mother of Sunny Deol, I touch their feet) So I feel I am supposed to know Punjabi to deal with the Deols." Revealing it further about her fluency in Punjabi language, she said although she has numerous Punjabi friends, it is the Deol family that makes her a perfectionist as they are so well aware with the language's fluency themselves. According to Ameesha, the Deols are so fine in Punjabi that even she feels embarassing while uttering so. Meawnhile, she confessed that Sunnay Deol use to call her by calling 'Kudiye' - a way of addressing a girl in Punjab. 


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