'KGF Chapter 3': Radhika Pandit shares a throwback video when she first met Yash as 'Rocky'

KGF fame Yash is making headlines for his retro look from 'KGF'. A throwback video was shared by his wife Radhika Pandit recently.

Reported by: PTC Punjabi Desk | Edited by: Ritika Nath  |  April 15th 2023 12:33 PM |  Updated: April 15th 2023 12:33 PM

'KGF Chapter 3': Radhika Pandit shares a throwback video when she first met Yash as 'Rocky'

With the enormous success of the "KGF" franchise, Yash has become a celebrity in Indian cinema on a national scale. His recent years have been devoted to KGF films, which has greatly altered his popularity and reputation. Radhika Pandit, an actor, and Yash's wife posted a video on Instagram that serves as a wonderful reminder of the KGF Journey's commencement. Radhika Pandit and their daughter are seen in the film visiting Yash on the set of "KGF1," where she is able to see him dressed as "Rocky Bhai" officially.

Radhika Pandit, who is expecting, is seen in the video visiting Yash while he is filming "KGF." She is heard asking Yash, who is wearing a throwback attire with Bell bottom trousers and a long collared shirt, "Am I in the 70s?" When ROCKY met RADHIKA, Radhika pens in the blog entry.

The picture includes a sneak peek at one of the intimate moments between the celebrity couple that we don't typically get to witness from film sets, which has fans and following delighted for the couple. One of the biggest surprises in Kannada cinema in recent years has been the rise in Yash's prominence, and the movie "KGF" set records at the box office like no other.

Fans were thrilled to learn how the story of KGF began when Radhika shared this video today on the occasion of "KGF Chapter 2" finishing its first year, and seeing Yash dressed as Rocky Bhai is the cherry on top.


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