Kiara Advani Crowned Brand Personality of the Year, Shining a Light on Authenticity in Brand Endorsements

Kiara Advani receives the prestigious "Brand Personality of the Year" award at the Brand Equity Brand World Summit 2024.

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Kiara Advani Crowned Brand Personality of the Year, Shining a Light on Authenticity in Brand Endorsements

Kiara Advani, the leading actor and brand powerhouse, has cemented her influence beyond the silver screen, receiving the prestigious "Brand Personality of the Year" award at the Economic Times Brand Equity Brand World Summit 2024. Advani has solidified her position as an all-rounder brand personality, seamlessly connecting with audiences as both an actor and a brand ambassador.

Kiara Advani's association with Different Brands 

Her association with a diverse range of brands, from established names like Mango, Myntra, TRESemme, Lenskart, Drools, Mohey, Caprese, and SENCO, reflects her broad appeal and ability to connect with a wide audience. This strategic selection of collaborations positions her at the forefront of brand building in the digital era. Her commitment to authenticity has been further solidified by the longevity of her brand partnerships.

During an interview segment at the Summit, Advani spoke about her long-term brand associations, saying, “It's been 10 years that I've been working in the industry now and I believe that all of these brands that have come my way have been very special and most of them have been brands that I've been working with for years now.” Reflecting on her first brand association with the heritage brand Pond’s, she said, “This year was really special… my first ever brand endorsement was for a brand called Pond’s… and I was on the brand for many, many years and then we had a short gap and this year I'm back on the brand. So, I think there's something special… I always believed in them, they always believed in me.” This long-term collaboration and renewal of partnerships highlight the mutual trust and respect between Advani and the brands she works with.

One of Advani's biggest strengths as a brand ambassador is her authenticity. She is often seen wearing and using the very brands she endorses in her personal life. “I think when you use your own products, and when you go out there and they see it beyond just the ads that are running on TV or print, there's a certain connect with the audience, they feel like, okay, she actually believes in it, she's not just selling another product, and I think that authenticity comes through eventually,” she explained. This creates a sense of trust and believability, as consumers see her living the brand values she promotes.

Advani also mentioned her thoughtful process before endorsing a brand and how she takes a 360-degree approach, truly embodying the brand spirit. She emphasized how she thinks from all perspectives and becomes an active part of the brand family, putting her all into the partnership, whether it's the creative process or the consumer feedback she receives online. She actively shares this feedback with the brand, ensuring campaigns resonate with consumers and effectively address their needs. “I believe you do something, you do it wholeheartedly, so if I'm on board, then I feel like I'm as much an owner as the brand is… and the consumers feel it at the end of the day. They feel you're connected with the brand.” This ensures she aligns herself with brands that resonate with her values and that she would genuinely recommend to her fans. This authenticity fosters trust and loyalty among her millions of fans.

Highly selective about her brand associations, Advani recognizes the responsibility that comes with being a star and makes sure to choose the brands that are in sync with her own values. Brand communication is a priority for her, and she ensures it reflects a genuine understanding of consumer needs and values. This commitment to brand synergy ensures her endorsements are not just lucrative deals, but long-term partnerships that resonate with her audience on a deeper level.

Speaking about how to appeal to the evolving needs of consumers today, Advani said, “Once you understand who the consumer is, what their needs are, and what that gap is or what they are looking for, I believe we'll be able to reach them, make them feel heard, valued, understood, and give them what they need. Because at the end of the day, we're all consumers of various products.”


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