Mirzapur 2: Vijay Varma uncovers his intimate scenes with Shweta Tripathi

Mirzapur fame, Vijay Varma recently took his fans back on the sets of season two and his mere intimate scenes with Shweta Tripathi. Varma recalled the sequence by tagging the character as a romantic and innocent boy who is in love with a girl who introduces him to the world of erotica.

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Mirzapur 2: Vijay Varma uncovers his intimate scenes with Shweta Tripathi

'Mirzapur' is surely the country's biggest crime thriller. Starring a whopping star cast, from Pankaj Tripathi to Ali Fazal, the drama series has grabbed immaculate couches as one of the most sought-after Indian crime thriller shows over the past few years. After two successful seasons, the show is now all set to come into the OTT platform this year with its third installment. Bringing the old anticipation among the masses, the show makers had set the streaming date from July 5, 2024. With its third season, the show will see its leading actors reprising their roles like Vijay Varma as Chhota Tyagi and Shweta Tripathi as Golu. 

Vijay Varma talks about intimate scenes with Shweta Tripathi 

Both of the actors left an impeccable mark in the previous season as a duo and one of their scenes was truly unforgettable as the leads engaged in an oozing intimate scene during one of its sequences. But the particular left the audiences on a cliffhanger in the curiosity of wondering what would happen next. But now, Vijay Varma finally spoke about his intimate scene with Golu in the series and talked about everything in detail. During a recent interview with a well-known media forum, Varma recalled the sequence by tagging the boy as a romantic and innocent boy who is in love with a girl who introduces him to the world of erotica.

Vijay's interview took an interesting turn when he made people recall the very first intro of Golu in the series who was seen reading an erotica and thus had a different inclination towards the realm of physical intimacy and introduced him to erotic sex. The actor further emphasized the scene's relatability to the real-life world as the whole sequence tried to reflect the way physical intimacy unfolds in a romantic relationship and thus a partner holds a strong ground in transforming sexual desires in the other one, which only evolves after meeting a person with a certain level of different energy. 

Vijay Varma talks about having an intimacy coordinator 

Moving on further, Vijay Varma also asserted about getting a coordinator on board for the third season's intimate scenes as things need to be mended before landing onto such scenes in front of the camera. He revealed, that, unlike other two seasons, the third season has kept everything very sorted and sane with an intimacy coordinator who is responsible for creating a 'protected' environment during the shoot. In fact, under the professional's supervision, he discovered numerous exercises that came in handy during the process, revealing vividly about movement-based and touch-based exercises, such as "action and dance sequences".

All About Mirzapur 3

Speaking in a nutshell, the series will take off exactly where it left in season 2 and feature the wholesome battle between Guddu bhaiya(Ali Fazal) and Mirzapur's iconic kingpin, Kaleen Bhaiya(Pankaj Tripathi). Meanwhile, with a heightened intensity and gripping storytelling, Mirzapur 3 will bring its riveting characters reprising their roles along with some other new faces like Amit Sial, Anjum Sharma, Sheeba Chaddha, Manu Rishi Chadha, Rajesh Tailang, and Farzi actor Bhuvan Arora. 

Meanwhile, it is going to be premiered on Prime Video on July 5, 2024. 


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