'Chausar-The Power Games' revolves around the dark side of politics; streaming soon on PTC PLAY App

written by Ritika Nath | February 03, 2022

PTC Punjabi is all set to release a new web series CHAUSAR- THE POWER GAMES exclusively on PTC PLAY app soon.

PTC Networks creates shows and programs that are eagerly anticipated by the audience thanks to its distinctive and different concepts. Chausar The Power Games is a Punjabi web series that revolves around political drama and the deep dark secrets that go along with it.

Image Source: PTC

With their high-octane political affairs, the teaser and trailer for the new web series are immensely interesting. The new promo, which was recently published on PTC Punjabi, shows how truth is molded when it comes to political leaders and their family members' positions. In addition, the web series will feature talented Punjabi actors such as Narjeet, Mehakdeep, Suchi Birgi, Vishal Saini, Hashneen Kaur, Mahabir Bhulla, Narinder Neena, and many others.

Image Source: PTC

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Chausar The Power Games is being helmed by Gaurav Rana. The Creative and Managing Head of the same is Mukesh Gautam whereas the whole project is being backed by Rabindra Narayan.

Image Source: PTC

'Chausar- The Power Games,' a forthcoming online series, will be available only on the PTC PLAY App. For additional information on this fascinating new web series stay connected with this space.

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