Diljit Dosanjh never mention about his family or personal life because....

written by Ritika Nath | January 15, 2022

We often learn that Punjabi celebrities are not that much vocal when it comes to their personal lives. Be it any singer or an actor, most of the celebs keep it under the wraps about their family. One such name is Diljit Dosanjh who has hardly ever talked about his family.

Diljit Dosanjh is a social media whiz. He uses the platform as a public journal, posting about his location, work updates, amusing clips, photos, fan videos, and other such things. However, one thing you'll notice is that he never mentions his family on social media.

Image Source: Instagram

Diljit Dosanjh, who has captured on numerous occasions reminiscing about his upbringing and discussing his mother or brother, although he has never openly or socially mentioned his family.

Indeed, the actor has his own terms to it for not disclosing the personal details of his family members.

Diljit Dosanjh was once asked in one of his previous interviews: "Who all are there in your family?"

To which the actor replied that he never talks about his family and never publishes any things about them on social media. He decide not to share anything about his family on social media because he has earlier received a lot of criticism when he started his career. He revealed that people were rude to the singer. When he realized that everyone was working against him, he chose to exclude his family.

Image Source: Instagram

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Diljit also mentioned that when someone speaks ill of your family or criticizes them, Dosanjh says it hurts the most.

Meanwhile, in terms of work; Diljit Dosanjh who celebrated his birthday on January 6th treated his fans with the big announcement of his upcoming EP titled 'Drive Thru'. Apart from this, the singer will soon begin his musical Tour 2022.

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