Fashion trends that would rule in 2023

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  February 02nd 2023 04:46 PM  |  Updated: February 02nd 2023 04:46 PM

Fashion trends that would rule in 2023

Fashion trends in 2023: As the years pass by, fashion trends are setting their mark. From high-end clothing brands to homegrown labels, it’s all about more rage now.

Here are some of the future trends that would undoubtedly rule in 2023:

Metallics –the craze for metallic clothing is not new but also a vision of rarity to find it in casual streets. But the peekaboo trend is likely to set its comeback in the running year of 2023. Silver and gold metallics are often seen on red carpets by sweetheart celebrities, especially in the Grammys, Cannes, and Met Gala. Today people are daring enough to pull off such an underestimated and so-called ‘scary’ trend.

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90’s minimalistic – Brands from Jacquemus to hugo boss and Cos to Jil Sander, minimalism has forever been a trend among the fashion lovers. 90’s was the age of class, sophistication and bare minimum aka simplistic style which never got lost with the forever fashion evolution. In every fashion week, minimalistic touch is a sort of reminder its dominance and supremacy.

Gothic – The over the top bold gothic style is a continuous cycle of some designer’s signature form harnessed from their dark and dreaded feelings. Brands like Alexander McQueen, Rick Owens, Versace and Comme Des Garcons are some of the most goth brands of the running era that sought to continue their legacy.

Boots – There was a time when streetstyle was only limited to sneaker and their sneaker heads. But time has changed and boots took over the fashion storm. Valentino, Versace, Rick Owens and many more are some brands that showcased their high Platform boots like seen never before.

Bold shades – Boldness is a sword of changing game today. Colors like blood red, bright pink and orange are some of the most trending colors of the season. 2022’s Valentino Pink collection took over the entire world like none. From fashion runways to crowdy streets, eye popping colors can be seen everywhere.

Written by Durtiman Sonowal

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