Happy Raikoti releases his soulful melody 'Zinda Han Mai' featuring Sruishty Mann!

written by Ritika Nath | August 05, 2021

Happy Raikoti is known not only for his exceptional writing but has also won hearts with his tremendous singing. Be it a soulful song like Maa Da Dil or a quirky beat number like Addiction; he has always proved to be the best.

Once again he has left us speechless with his latest track 'Zinda Han Mai' which was announced sometime back and has been released now.

Image Source: YouTube

Happy Raikoti's song definitely leaves us speechless with its heart-touching lyrics that instantly strike the chords. The music video showcases the dark story of Happy Raikoti who is unaware of her beloved's health issues.

Image Source: Instagram

Along with Happy Raikoti, the song features Sruishty Mann. Going by the other details, lyrics and composition are done by Happy Raikoti to which the music is given by Avvy Sra. The video is directed by B2gether Pros which is released under Worldwide Records Punjabi.

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Image Source: YouTube

Prior to this, Happy Raikoti also asked his fans whether or not he should release an album in the near future. We all are aware that most of the Punjabi artists are releasing their albums and Happy Raikoti joining this trend is no big surprise for us. However, nothing has been confirmed about the same by Happy Raikoti, but we wish he soon announces his album.


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