Holy Places To Make Your 2021 Worthwhile

written by Diksha Kapoor | December 04, 2020

India is known as a country of practicing various religions and cultures. Our nation is famous for celebrating different cultures and having the most ethereal holy places. Whereas a few places are known for their historic stories and architecture, a few of them will blow your mind for the preternatural reasons these temples are established for. Kal Bhairav Temple We have often heard that "consumption of any giggle water is a sin" before visiting a holy place or worshiping God. However,  Ujjain's Kal Bhairav Temple is the total opposite of the wrongdoing we have come across. At this temple, devotees offer alcohol to the god they believe in. Outside the Kal Bhairav Temple, there are vendors selling bottles of liquor. Half of the bottle is proffer to god and the remaining part is returned back to devotees as "prasad." Kal Bhairav Temple Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh Gurdwara Punjab's Talhan Village-based Shaheed Baba Nihal Gurdwara is a solution for people who aren't able to get a visa to their desired destinations. According to the locals, anyone who is having problems in getting a visa must visit this Gurdwara. All you have to do is offer toy planes, and pray from pure intentions. ALSO READ: JUG JUG JEEYO: VARUN DHAWAN, ANIL KAPOOR, NEETU KAPOOR TEST POSITIVE FOR COVID-19
Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh Gurdwara The Bharat Mata Temple This temple is dedicated to patriotism! The Bharata Mata Temple is located in Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith Campus, Varanasi. This temple is purely dedicated to India and the jingoism of our country. Bharat Mata Temple Sachin Tendulkar Temple Sachin Tendulkar is known as the "God of Cricket" but it might sound surprising that a temple has been dedicated to this cricket's legend. In Bihar's Kaimur District a 5.4 feat statue has been made for Sachin. Sachin Tendulkar Temple A Temple for Big B In Bengal, a temple has been dedicated to the Bollywood's legend Amitabh Bachchan. All the fans of Mr. Bachchan in Bengal established this Temple in 2017. It is a temple-cum-museum which has a few iconic props and equipment used by Amitabh Bachchan. The Big B temple Karni Mata Temple 30 kilometer away from Bikaner, Rajasthan, Karni Mata Temple is build. This temple is famous for having 25,000 rats. These rats are known as the incarnation of Karni Mata's male children. This temple attracts a lot of tourists on a regular basis. Karni Mata temple Kamakhya Devi Temple One of the most important temples in India is Kamakhya Devi Temple. This Temple is located in the kamrup district of Assam. It is believed that Lord Shiv's wife Satti's "vagina" fall at this place when her dead body was struck down by Lord Vishnu. This Temple is closed every year in June when menstruation of the goddess is going on and the Bramhaputra river is turned red. ALSO READ: AKSHAY KUMAR TO BEGIN THE SHOOT OF ‘RAM SETU’ FROM THIS DATE
Kamakhya Devi Temple The Chinese Kali Temple Have you ever heard "noodles" being offered as prasad? Well, Kolkata's The Chinese Kali Temple is frequently visited by the Chinese community. The back story of this temple begins 60 years before now. A Chinese couple who's son was fighting for life, prayed in this temple with all heart. After their son was recovered, this place became a must-visit place for Chinese living in kolkata. Chinese community took responsibility for prasad and came up with noodles to offer to the devotees. The Chinese Kali Temple Tanot Mata Temple This holy place is near the India-Pakistan border located in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. This Temple got famous in 1971 when the Indo-Pak war took place. According to the locals, nothing happened to the temple during that war because of its spirituality. This Temple is managed by the members of BSF. Tanot Mata Temple Om Banna or Bullet Baba Temple Bullet Baba Temple is going to blow the minds of all the bike lovers out there. This Temple worships a 350 cc bullet for unknown reasons. There are so many visitors who visit this place to know a lot more about the temple. Om Banna or Bullet Baba Temple Which of these are you adding to your 2021 bucket list?


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