Netizens Appreciate An Art Created From Staples, See Here

written by Diksha Kapoor | December 14, 2020

"Artists are simple people with a complex mind", you must have come across this sentence, but have you seen someone justifying it? A Russia based artist Slava Zaitsev has justified the quote completely.  Social Media is the one powerful platform that gives the chance of bringing your talent to people's eyes. A video shared by Slava Zaitsev is going viral on Instagram. In the video, he has created a piece of art completely from staples. This insane creation has imposed everyone to appreciate his talent. ALSO READ: SONU SOOD EXTENDS SUPPORT TO NEEDY AGAIN WITH HIS NEW INITIATIVE
The video begins with a close-up shot, in which a hand is shown stapling the canvas. In the next shot, the whole art is visible. It's a picture of a dog in a sitting position. This video has accumulated over 35,000 views, with heartwarming comments. One Instagram user commented, “Amazing! Such precision,” another wrote “Loved the art,” and “You’re really talented," such comments were seen on the post. Such beautiful artwork lets everyone know that "Art does not have any boundaries". If you have a talent you do not need any fancy types of equipment to showcase it.  


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