Nick Jonas talks about Priyanka Chopra supporting in his low phase, in the 2021 highlight video

written by Kirti Pathak | December 24, 2021

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have been the talk of the town for a while in regard to their professional life and also in regard to their personal life.

Another moment of the two has come up where Nick spoke about his early dating days on the episode of Jonas Brothers: Moments Between The Moments.

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Its been three years of their marriage, and the couple has spoken about the focus on their careers brought the two together.

Talking about the low phase when Nick Jonas’s album Spaceman did not work well as he planned, that was the moment when Priyanka supported him. The Facebook Watch series Jonas Brothers: Moments Between The Moments revealed, “My Wife showed me incredible support and love after Spaceman album came out. I am really proud of the album I made. But it didn’t quite perform like I wanted it to. Which was really discouraging for me. Because I was like ‘man, I put so much effort into this album’. The way she loved me through it and was just proud meant a lot.”


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He continued talking about Priyanka’s support saying, “The effort you made to show me that you were proud of this was big because it was the highlight of that kind of chapter and this year.”

Priyanka joined her husband sitting by the poolside in their LA house and said, “What I think I enjoyed more is that you made this album at home. I saw your work on it and I could listen to it, and I experienced so many of the songs. I think as an artist, that’s the win that your music is so authentic to you and so many people love it. It means so much to so many people.”


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Ever since Nick was a teenager, he has been a pop star, and recalling the old times he said he could work non-stop, “a million miles a minute.”

Since last year the singer has got a different perspective on life. Talking about sharing life goals with Priyanka he said, “When I met Priyanka and we fell in love, one of the things we connected on early was how ambitious we both were. And focused and driven. How deeply we care about our work.”

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On the same note, Priyanka also feels that she is lucky to have a partner who knows how to prioritize ‘Us Time’. The global star said, “You and I are building our marriage based on prioritizing ourselves together. And it’s just really amazing to find a partner that prioritizes us. Us time.”

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