Voice of Punjab 12 Grand finale to announce its winner tonight on December 31

written by Ritika Nath | December 31, 2021

PTC Network is one of the best networks for allowing unique talent to discover success through a variety of competitions. Voice of Punjab Season 12 is all about to announce this season's winner tonight on December 31st. 

Image Source: PTC

The competitors had previously showcased their abilities in various rounds. The winner of the Voice of Punjab Season 12 will be announced today. The show will begin at 6:30 pm and so the winner for Voice of Punjab Season 12 will be announced.

Apart from the competitors competing; tonight will be star-studded with spectacular performances by numerous artists of the Punjabi industry Aside from that, the Punjabi film industry will dazzle with their performances. This evening will feature performances by well-known artists Hansraj Hans, Sunanda Sharma, and Afsana Khan.

Image Source: PTC

Speaking of Voice of Punjab, the show has previously broadcast multiple seasons. Many well-known singers have come from Punjab as a result of this show. In which Punjabi talent was showcased.

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Image Source: PTC

These participants, who were chosen from various cities across Punjab, are attempting to make a name for themselves in the profession of singing through this reality program. The Voice of Punjab is proving to be a fantastic platform for young people who want to build a name for themselves in the realm of singing.

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