World Nature Conservation Day: Know what its importance and significance!

written by Ritika Nath | July 28, 2021

Every year on July 28, World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated. This day is observed to promote awareness about the necessity of environmental and resource conservation. Air, water, soil, fauna, flora, minerals, and so on are all examples.

Campaigns are held on this day to raise awareness and highlight that a healthy environment is a backbone for a stable human society.

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History of this day

World Nature Conservation Day was founded as a day to raise awareness and educate people about the best methods for protecting and preserving natural resources that are vital to human survival. It is a day for people to reflect on their actions and put an end to the overuse of natural resources.

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The Significance of Celebrating Conservation Day

Global warming, climate change, natural disasters, and other natural phenomena occur as a result of overuse and exploitation of natural resources; this is how nature warns humans to stop exploiting them. The preservation of natural resources is essential.

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Humans, international organizations, and civil society members can work together to maintain biodiversity and restore natural environments.


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